Russian Soccer Fight

It was just me and one of their defenders that separated me from the goalie. I put a move on him and beat him, as I was rushing the goal he slide tackled me from behind. When I got up he had his right arm pulled back like he was going to swing. I under-hooked his arm grabbed his left wrist and hip tossed him to the ground. I jump on him quick so he could not get up and he started retaliating. I was dropping elbows on him when out of know where I saw an orange blur right in front of my eyes.

I really felt that I was winning this battle because at this point there was so much blood on his face that surely I could not lose. Soon enough 4 guys on his team were giving me rib kicks. Where were all the guys on my team at? The ref pulled us apart and the guy receiving my “bo’s” wiped his face with his shirt surely to reveal the damage I did to him… Nothing! His nose was really swollen but no cuts whatsoever. I soon found out that the orange blur was one of his teammates cleat splitting my head open.

Later on that night I went on the website of the soccer squad to show my wife a picture of them and I noticed that his nose was not swollen it was just enormous to begin with. We both ended up only getting a two game suspension but the complex said one more incident and I was gone.




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