Rufus Ct Scan

Got a little bit of poop out today. A couple times at work and a few in the grass by the doctors office. We arrived there really early but we enjoyed some time together under the trees laying in the grass. Rufus seemed to like it here, they had a really comfortable couch in the waiting area, we accidentally got a little bit of poop on it. Sorry.

After they did his scan they came and got me to review the findings. He said that he is not the decision maker but it looks like it is not in the colon but attached to the outside wall. The main reason for getting this done was to make sure than there was not anywhere else that was showing signs of spreading. He said that he did not see anything in the lungs or elsewhere. This was a major concern of MedVet as to whether or not they were going to do surgery or begin chemo treatments. There is still a chance that this is just a growth. Rufus was so funny while we were back in the room, he was still loopy and not completely awake. He was running around like a puppy and falling all over himself. Completely drunk looking. The office smelled horrible and I noticed the doctor had poop all over his pants and shoes.

Now it is a waiting game to see what the team decides.

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