Great Rufus News

Waited forever for biopsy phone called and they finally called the radiologist. Rufus is fine! It was just a growth and is not cancer. They did not charge us for the visit as she has not ever been able to give out good news like that before. This is AMAZING! I really feel like someone is looking out for us. I really learned my lesson and will make sure I spend more time with my family. I am so thankful. We are stopping by Arby’s on our way home for a celebratory chicken sandwich.

She recommends that we come back in for regular cat scans to make sure that it does not come back. She had a dog once that had to get surgery 3 times before it stopped coming back. I will do this again in 3 months and maybe every 6 after.

Tonight I am picking up Eddie Merlots filet mignon’s for me, Gabe, and the boys! This will be the best steak Rufus has ever tried!

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