Mock Prom

I am not sure how this happened but I was talked into going to a Mock prom for Adults by my wife. I was actually looking forward to it somewhat after acquiring use of the Nikon D70. This would be my first event that I could practice my possible new found skill. My excitement soon ended after prom court started. They selected names randomly and sure enough they picked my wife Gabe. She walked to the front of the room to stand next to the other people in the mock court. Everyone stared at me, I did not even realize that I was supposed to follow her. I didn’t even want to be recognized as attending the event much less be the center of the attention. We had to play those weird couples games that are only entertaining when you are watching someone else going through the torture. It was just like the scene from “Just Go With It” but with less competition. In fact my wife knew how unhappy I was which made us both not try very hard until the final game. She was required to place a ping pong ball into my right pant leg at the ankle and move it to my left ankle without using her hands. For some reason she gave it 110%. So embarrassing when she lost the ball somewhere around my crouch area.

Check out my Flickr to view the images that I shot that night and start watching me grow as a photographer… Hopefully…

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