Teacher Dance

My sister agreed to do the Teacher-Student Dance at our local High School that she teaches at. It is an event that is set up like Dancing With The Stars. The Teachers are supposed to be amateurs while the students are the trained dancers that will show the teachers the ropes over  few weeks and then perform in front of the public just to be subjected to votes at the end of the night. I felt this would be another opportunity to break out my new hobby and grab some shots. I got a few of family members prior to the start of the dance with my new 35mm. I was very impressed, the sites that talk about the quality of your lens making a huge difference were right. I was pretty pleased with these shots but I had to break out the kit lens for shots of my sister in the dance since she was out of the range of my 35mm. Some of the kit lens shots turned out ok after editing.

I had my brother working my iPhone to retain video coverage of the dance. He got some good stuff and I was able to put together a great video that included a remix and the end where I speed up my sisters dance steps and put them to LMFAO. She really appreciates that she has proof of her shufflin! haha

Check out Flickr to view some of the shots


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