Vampire Terminal

Everybody has told me that this 35mm lens is perfect for portraits. Anxious to try it out I of course turned to my wife to beg her to be my subject. I remembered this place in Newtown from High School that was supposed to be inhabited by vampires and was an old train terminal. It is directly next to train tracks but, after research, I found that it was actually an old steam factory. Why would you need to make steam? Anyway, it has great graffiti  and is surrounded by woods so we headed there.

I think I learned a lot from this shoot. I am still learning my settings like shutter speed, f-stop, and exposure. Since I shot in Raw white balance will not be much of a factor in shooting since I should be able to correct it in Lightroom. I had big issues with sun in this shoot and I did not like the composition of some of the shots. Good experience though.

Check out Flickr to view these candid portraits

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