First Quarter Birthdays

This is my Dad’s way of removing himself from regular family events. He is preparing all of us for his eventual retirement to their condo in Florida. They came up with the idea that they would combine a party for all the birthdays of the first 4 months of the year. I could of cared less, I enjoy seeing my family but there are so many kids around now that it’s hard. I was looking forward to this as another chance to break out the new camera. There would be two 6 month old babies here that I can really try to capture some great candid shots. It will also be my niece’s first haircut and Gabe will be doing it. I have got to get these shots.

It turned out well. I took over 250 shots and had a lot of keepers. the romantic lighting indoors was tough for photography as well as the intense sun outdoors. I posted all of the shots to Flickr after editing and then asked my family to favorite the ones that they wanted a copy of. My idea behind this was to increase traffic to my Flickr site as well as learn what people like in for their prints. If  I would have just emailed them all the shots I would have never learned from the experience as to what people are looking for. To my surprise some of my favorite shots were not selected as the persons favorite. I have yet to ask why they liked or disliked any of them but I will in the future.

I also took a chance to do a 5 minute portrait session with my brother. I teased him and told him that he needed them for a potent ion dating site. I knew that wouldn’t happen but that I could most likely get a him a really cool Facebook image. Sure enough as soon as I sent them he reset his image.

Check all of the images on Flickr

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