Two New Lenses

These shots from Fro Knows Photo’s birthday party inspired me to look for a new lens. I knew I wanted a wide angle or a fisheye to mimic the look of shots like his in this set. I researched forever on my two sites of choice as well as several other forums and on Flickr. I searched “fisheye” on Flickr and found shots that I liked and then looked at the exif data to fins out what kind of a lens it was. I found that my favorite fisheye as well as the highest ranked was the Rokinon 8mm. Best part is that it is cheap, worst is that it is manual focus. I am already an amateur photographer that me be too old to learn something new like this hobby, am I really gonna throw another monkey wrench into it by getting a manual focus lens… YES! I also picked up the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 wide angle. Ken Rockwell did an excellent review of this lens that put the Nikons versions to shame. The Tokina and Nikon are priced similar  but the Tokina is supposedly way sharp. I took a few shots of my go to guy Mr. Handsome Smushie Face as soon as I got the lens’ out of their box. Rocco looks 3d in a bunch of them, check them out on Flickr.

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