Photo Photo Sunday


This Sunday was packed with opportunity. The neighborhood trees that smell like wiener are blooming, its 90 degrees, and Gabe and Rocco are outside gardening. On top of all of that we had a walk planned at the Nature Center and Gabe found a frog in the yard. Today was the first day that I felt I needed to invest in another memory card. Too many shots to take and not enough time to wipe the card. I also planned on taking some family shots at the Nature Center so I purchased a tripod and a remote shutter trigger. I probably should of practiced using both prior to heading out to the walk because that stress was making me sweat so bad that it showed up in the shots.

My new wide angle lens killed it today. It is by far my best piece of equipment. The colors that are rendered from this lens are almost unbelievable and borderline HDR in my eyes. Super excited about the future for me and this lens. I also enjoyed the fisheye, you can shoot directly at the sun without a filter and it too pulls amazing color.

Check them all out on Flickr and see for yourself

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