Committing to Instagram

I have always enjoyed Instagram but have never felt the need to try to gain exposure or have felt the need for many friends. I have never been into social networks and feel they only cause problems within relationships. It always happens that someone is amazed that I do not have a Facebook account and is trying to talk me into opening one and accidentally mentions 3 different occasions where couples broke up or friendships were ruined because of the sharing.

I have kept my Instagram “network” small. So small that it only includes my wife, family members, and my wife’s best friend. Now that I want constructive criticism on my photography art it makes me want to “advertise” it as much as possible. Prior to today I never tagged a photo on Instagram, with the exception of the photo of the day challenges. I went back through and tagged all of my photos with as many things possible to make sure they were viewed by as many people as possible.

Success! Not only did I receive many more followers and “likes” but I also received a huge amount of traffic referred to my Flickr Page from Instagram. Now I have more chances to have my work seen and I have committed to a new goal… I want to get one of my images on the popular page. I will keep you posted meanwhile check out my Instagram feed

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