Weekend Challenge March 24

These are the 5 pictures that I submitted to the Fro Knows Photo weekend challenge forum. The theme was “relax”, I am not sure if these apply to the theme but that is just a guideline.
The first one I chose because it was really successful in the short amount of time it was on Instagram and Gabe really liked it. The second and third ones were chooses because they had good Instagram success as well as it is something different than what most people post on the forum, a little more “artsy”. I picked the fourth one because it is one of my favorite shots I have taken. The bright vibrance of the green and the slight detail of the clovers I find cool as well as the pose and look of Gabe. The last photo I chose I was not too sure about, I like the symmetry of everything in the room with the exception of Rocco, I also like the shadows from the two chandeliers. I of course like my baby boy in his pi’s. I had to choose it because of the process that was involved in getting the shot including allowing him on a piece of furniture that he is not allowed to touch normally. This backfired on me as we woke up this morning with Rocco on the bed cuddling with Gabe. he used the couch as a step to the bed and I am sure he will do it again. I should have never done that shot. Here are the two other photos that I was trying to decide whether or not to post, so they are the “losers” I guess…
The Ring
Afro Flower

I really liked both of these but I just decided I had better luck with the others or maybe I just made a last minute decision. I think Gabe on the stone is powerful and relaxing at the same time. The flower is awesome the detail that came out of it but the green leaves are throwing me off. I think it would have been cool to post it just because it looks like a pink “fro” and he may have choose it because of that.

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