My Submissions Weekend Challenge April 7

These are the 5 pictures that I submitted to the Fro Knows Photo weekend challenge forum. The theme was “direction”, Gabe and I had a great Sunday morning taking most of these. I have never been a morning person but lately she has been able to get me up when photography is involved. We went to East Fork Lake for sunrise. I had a tough time choosing shots this week as there were several that I felt good about.
This one is one of my favorite photos that I have taken, there were several shots and several edits that i had to choose from but I thought that this one showed the most drama with the contrast. It also fit within the theme of “direction” with the fact that the owners should have paid attention to the direction this massive tree was leaning.
Fallen Tree House
I liked this because it combines so many elements in one composition.
Asphalt Rock Water Grass
The reflection in the one is killer, it almost looks like it is a double image. I also like the detail of the trees that comes through the reflection in the water.
Stairs to Water Double Vision
Plank Walkway
I did so much black and white that I wanted to throw in a color image. Nothing is more colorful than FRUIT LOOPS! I really could not decide what my last image would be until this one got a lot of hits on Flickr.
Fruit Loops

Here are a few that did not make the cut for whatever reason.
I loved the size contrast of the horse and the bird by his foot but I messed up the composition by cutting off the feet.
Horse 2
East Fork Sunrise
Can’t forget Rocco’s Easter photos. He looks so precious and angelic. I decided not to post a Rocco photo this week since he has been mentioned in the past two “animal talk” sections and I do not want to be known as “the photographer that takes pictures of bulldogs”.

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