My Submissions Weekend Challenge April 14

I messed up and missed the deadline to post two more photos so I only got 3 up for the challenge. This was my favorite theme yet too. I’m so upset. These are the 3 pictures that I submitted to the Fro Knows Photo weekend challenge forum. The theme was “fantasy”, I had so many ideas for this but no time to complete them.
As far as my final two images I was trying to decide between these…
barn levitation
kiss steal
5 Image
Or maybe one of these from my photo shoot this weekend with my 9 month old niece. She is the main reason I ran out of time to do my fantasy shoots but it was so worth it. The expressions that she let me capture are priceless!
What I was saying was...
I love how the bubbles burst on her face in this one.
Bubble Burst by Face
You're crazy man
Gimme my damn flower back
What's up gorgeous
How bout a kiss for the little lady
Can we have some privacy?
Stole this pose from a sumo wrestler
You're kidding, Right?
La di da
You disgust me (hand on hip)

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