My Submissions Weekend Challenge April 21

This time I made the deadline and got all 5 of my files submitted to the Fro Knows Photo Weekly Challenge. I felt pretty good about this week. I had several to choose from and just before the deadline I picked the final two. My picks were determined in majority to the fact that last week Jarod did not have enough animal images to do the animal talk at the end. Since I had some time off work this week I took my wife to the zoo to make sure the same thing did not happen for his video. Here are my five chosen photos. The first one was picked by my wife as it was her favorite, she kind of has an owl thing right now.
BEM-6000I thought that this one was a great candid. It is not my normal type of shot but I thought it was cool that I caught the nun pointing at the butterfly photo on the wall as well as the live one on the other nuns arm. Plus it was kind of cool that the other nuns were not paying attention to her. I also liked the “harmony” writing on the poster in the same frame as three nuns.
Look, there's one
I think that he will talk like this one for sure. Doesn’t he look like he is a waiter at a fancy restaurant.
would you care to see a wine list
This totally looks like Harry and the Henderson’s. I thought it was cool that he was a gentle giant with his blanket draped over his head and staring at the lonely flower.
Found him
Remember a few weeks back the theme was “vibrance” and then the week after I posted that vibrant picture of the fruit loops. When it was actually the theme I had nothing and now this week I have another. Too bad the theme was single tones but I could not pass up posting this one. There was no light whatsoever in the butterfly food it just glowed like that, but only through the Nikon. You couldn’t see the glow through your eyes. By the way, Before we went to the Zoo Monday I took my wife to the butterfly expo at Krohn Conservatory on Sunday. Her Birthday is next week and feels like this whole week has been her “birthday week”. I’m glad she’s happy and I have a lot of fun with taking the pics!
Butterfly Glow
I had a few that I was considering posting but just decide last minute not too. This one, although a great family moment captured, was just framed wrong. I really messed up the composition and did not have time to correct it and capture it again. Too much head room and detail left cut off at the bottom.
Happy Family
This one was just funny but not in focus at all
Anytime a monkey smells his finger results in laughs.
What dat smell like
Not sure I have ever seen a furry penguin.
If you view the larger version of this you can see the cracker dust coming from Gabe’s hand and the giraffe’s mouth.
Giraffe Crackers
Gabe thought I should of posted one of the ones I took of this guy but I just felt like it was “flat”, I could not get him to look at me and make contact with the camera. All he did was stare.
Nice Haircut
I will post the results as soon as they become available.

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