Excited for the Future

I have spent the last two years building and branding my new business. As hard as it is to walk away from the operation bigger and better things have come along. I have partnered with an organization based out of Indianapolis that is branching into the Ohio market. The program that we will offer the sub-prime market is supreme. I am so used to offering a vehicle that I buy for $2000, selling it for 6-8, charging a 24.95% interest rate, and then fielding the phone calls when the car breaks down soon after purchase. This year has been extremely rough on me, physically and mentally. Rufus passing has made me think and I did not feel good about what I was doing. The new program will not penalize the customer for their poor credit history by marking up a vehicle 200% and charging a state max interest rate. The cars will be only a few years old with less than 80,000 miles on them. In fact, most are 2009 or 2010’s with 30-50k miles. All will come with a certified warranty for at least 12000 miles or a year. The customer will be able to take their car to any shop and have it repaired without a deductible. We even reward the customer based on their cap cost reduction (down payment). The more they put down the lower the rate and longer the warranty they get. What a refreshing change for me. No longer will I worry about who will be mad at me for their current repair issue. We plan on expanding the Ohio market quickly and continue to grow the stores in Indianapolis. My first order of business will be a website redesign and image branding using social media methods. Can’t wait to dig my fingers in to this as well as get a little more sleep at night!

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