My Submissions Weekend Challenge April 29

I really did not get a chance and go out and shoot for the Fro Knows Photo Weekly Challenge but my wife and I did drive past a colorful wall that we had to stop and take some shots with. Of course I found something vibrant to shoot since I have every week after the “vibrant” theme. Here are my five chosen photos. The first one is what I feel to be my strongest and is my hopeful for getting into the video. It was Gab’s 30th birthday and she went for a scooter ride so I could get some shots of her in her new dress. As she was driving past me I took one of her from behind. Not until I threw it in lightroom did I notice that I caught her grinning ear to ear in the mirror of the bike.
Mirror Smile
This church was a block away from the color wall we found and I thought it would fit the theme of “low angle” well.
Here are the images that included the wall, there are more on my flickr page but I liked these the best.
Colored Box
I’ll post the results Friday or you can watch the video Friday morning on the Fro Knows Photo website.

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