My Submissions Weekend Challenge May 5th

The results for last weeks challenge will be posted with next weeks challenge since Jarod Polin from Fro Knows Photo is out of town. The new theme is “Rides” and is just a suggestion for my shots. I thought surely I will be able to come up with something for this given I have quite the fleet of vehicles from owning a car dealership. I just needed a little creativity. Here are the five that I have come up with for the “rides” theme. You can view all forum member submissions here.

Gabe and I took her bike to the train tracks and I got a few cool shots of her straight on with her feet in the air but for some reason I was drawn to this image more.


I have had this in my head for a month now and thought it would be the perfect time to do it. It did not come out as i expected but I doubt there will be one like it submitted to the challenge. The composition could have been better by not cutting off my back but the railroad tracks cut it off anyway so a crop was my best option to make sure the tracks did not show.


My friend Tyler Breedwell Photography if you remember is the one who turned me onto photography and the one that showed me Fro Knows Photo’s website. We collaborated on a few shots for the weeks theme using two of my vehicles. This was another shot that I have had in my head since the theme of “fantasy”. I always wanted to be an action star. Despite the fact that I forgot some equipment that would have made these images better I still feel strong about them.

Heist Jump

Here is a fisheye shot that I took of my new dealership. This lens is pretty crazy and seems to turn out images with HDR like results. Its a Rokinon 8mm fisheye, the color is amazing but the focus is hard to get since its manual and does not seem to work properly. Google results verify that I am not the only one that feels this way and there may be fixes for it if I ever get the time. Despite this, for $300, you can’t beat it.


I’ll post the results from last week and this week Friday or you can watch the video Friday morning on the Fro Knows Photo website.

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