My Submissions Catch up Weekend Challenge May 12th, 19th, 26th, and June 2nd

The theme for May 12th on the Fro Knows Photo website was “Games”. I did not get a chance to shoot anything, however, my friend Tyler Breedwell from tbreedphoto donated an image to me that he took from my soccer game. I used it and a few images of me playing xbox in my theater and combined them into one image. This was my only submission for the week. It was taken down by the site administrator because the photo did not have the exif data included due to editing in juxtaposer and keynote. I did include the original files as proof they were shot within the time frame of the challenge but it did not help me.

The theme for May 19th was “home”. Gabe and I went downtown Cincy to eat and see the new fountain they put in, I was able to get a few shots of us that I enjoyed. Sunday we brought Rocco to my in laws swimming pool and got a bunch of shots there too. Here are my submissions…

Blow hole
Nothing represents home to me more than this image. What a welcoming!
Welcome Home
This file comes with a story, it is not just a sweet baby bulldog and his chew toy. The background is this…

Originally I scolded Rocco for the destruction of the neighbors ball until he simply explained that he held concern for the safety of the young boy next door as Rocco has seen many documentaries that cover the possibilities of of shin splints occurring in active youth that are entering growth spurts. When the boy kicked his ball over our fence Rocco felt the need to immediately render the ball useless. “Saving Lives” he said. It’s so hard to decipher between truth and fiction with him, he is so convincing. I am leaning towards fiction. I suspect the neighbors think of him as the “sandlot” dog and just wrote the ball off as a loss.
Neighbors Ball
Here are a few that I was trying to choose between for the last image… but then I missed the cutoff time again.
Cooling Off
Shady Nap
Relaxing Mastiff
Rocco’s picture with the neighbors ball made it in the Fro Knows video in the critique section. you can watch it here Rocco shows up at the 18:18 minute mark.

The theme for the 26th was “Summer” and the theme for June 2nd was “Friends”, I did not get a chance to submit anything for those. I plan on doing a Father’s day shoot this weekend so hopefully I will be able to get some images for this weekends challenge that has not been announced yet.

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