My Dog Hijacked my Instagram

I commuted to Terre Haute, Indiana and arrived home late. Looked forward to a relaxing evening, Rocco decided to take advantage. Below is the feeds he created using my Instagram account:

“Dad worked so hard today He’s already passed out. Hid his phone in my folds and now I’m figuring out Instagram! Check out my eyeball!”

“SELFIE! Hehe”

“My fav pig”

“Just saw the popular page. I guess I’m supposed to show you my NOMS!”

“Haha supposed to show off my bum too”

“I can figure out this phone but still can’t get the door to the treats open… Where’s my ball”

“Ever try to walk up these with 9 inches of leg? It’s a pain… Stop saying”Come on, Buddy”

“Didn’t have a chance. Killed it”

“I don’t wanna smell like honeysuckle”


I had to try to apologize to my followers for clogging their timeline

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