Car Dealership Bus Advertising Photography

I am posed with making the decision of selecting stock images for Vigo Car & Credit’s bus advertising campaign. Stock images seem so informal to me. I decided that I could make my own that fit the design and image perfectly. It was more of a timing issue that I was having a problem with. I have been working everyday long hours and the only time I would have available is a Sunday. So this past Sunday I decided to take my favorite subjects out to an “s” shaped road over the dam at East Fork State Park to grab some usable marketing material that I felt more confident in. I am happy with how the images came out of processing in lightroom and now need to design the layout of how they will be displayed on the Cincinnati Metro buses. This will be the first time that I have had my work enlarged this much as well as the first advertising images I have taken.

This one was a mess up since they both blinked but then I thought it might be a cool gimmick on the bus. “Blink and you’ll miss this opportunity” type of campaign. I don’t know we will see what I come up with.

Don't blink and miss this deal

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