Weekend Challenge August 25 and 26

The theme for this weekend on the Fro Knows Photo Weekend Forum was “City”. The theme is just a suggestion of what to shoot to give those who may not have an idea a reason to get out with their camera. I usually do not stick to theme but Gabe had plans of laying around Sunday so I took my brother downtown for lunch Sunday. Perfect chance to catch “city” at it’s best. We caught some beers at Christian Moerlin Lager House and then hit up some street photography as soon as the Cincinnati Reds game let out. Here are six files, the first five are the ones I choose to enter. The last one I left out as I know Jarod is not a big fan of over processing especially with this many filters. I should add that the church image was later in the evening Sunday after Gabe and I went to dinner. We drove past here and I liked the way it was lit, had to stop by and try to capture it. Check out everyone else’s submissions here.

Street band
I made it into the Fro Knows Photo critique section of the video for the first photo that I posted above of my brother Kevin. Jared had nothing but good things to say about it! Check out the video below.

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