Car Dealership Advertising in Relation to your Credit Score. The $199 a Month Ad

Bryan Metzger

We have all heard the ads on the radio… “$199 a month” followed by a “good through Sunday only” and ending with a guy talking softer and faster than the old Micro Machine commercial blabbering on all the legal details of the ad.

I have to ask, do these ads really work? Of course they do, that’s why dealers continue to use them over and over again. My main question is whether or not I should stoop to that level?

If my add for a $400 payment plays immediately after a $199 add where do you think the customer is going to go first?

Before we even get into the credit score aspect of these commercials I would like to explain to you ways that these advertisements are possible. A dealer cannot legally advertise something that is not achievable. The problem is that more than the one person that qualifies…

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