What type of Instagrammer are you?

It’s not just as simple as “I am on Instagram” when you are a professional photographer. Not even if you are just a regular instagrammer. I would say that there are several categories that a Instagram user will fall into.

1. Foursquare Gramer
This is the person that uses Instagram as a “what I am doing now” type of sharing service. This typically includes photos of meals as well as events with the kids. There are a lot of users that feel that this is what Instagram is intended for and may get mad at those that post a photo after the actual event captured has taken place. You could also call this user “In the Moment”.

2. Artsy Amateur
This is the typical stereotype of the majority of users. The hipster that thinks they are a professional photographer because they get a lot of likes off Instagram. “The best camera is the one that you have on you”. So, just because you took a photo with your iPhone does not mean that it can’t be a quality image. Everything depends on what you captured. That being said, in order to be a professional you must get paid for your work. This group usually has really creative photos that have more substance and more editing time involved prior to posting. This could include visually appealing sunsets or an altered perception wooded setting including a “photoshopped” levitating subject.

3. Friend Gainer
This is the person that is only out to get popular. They really don’t care what they post, only how many likes and followers they get. The main goal is to achieve popular page status. They will spend hours commenting on others photos with tags to their own or a simple “follow me” or “check out mine” statement. They follow people not because they like their work but in hoped to receive a “follow back”, if one is not received they will “unfollow”. This is also the person that will like the first 3 photos of your feed and expect that you will do the same to theirs.

4. Photographer
This is the actual professional photographer. These usually follow into two subcategories, one that will post phone camera images only and one that will post DSLR photos as well as phone images. Some professional photographers swear by only posting phone camera images to their accounts. I tend to disagree as I have achieved more incoming business by including my DSLR images to my feed.

So my main question is what type of Instagrammer are you?

Do you post DSLR Photos or only phone images?

Do you like all photos of who you follow or do you only like the ones that deserve it?

Do you randomly like 3 photos from someone who liked 3 of yours?

Do you follow everyone who follows you?

Do you really care how many followers you have?

I post all of my images that I want seen. Whether it be DSLR or from my iPhone. I often post after the event happened because no matter my device, I like to edit the shots. I like the photos that I feel deserve my like. I will not like a photo as a return like no matter how obligated I feel. If I receive many likes from one individual I will look at their feed and like the images that deserve it. If there are none I will leave a comment thanking them for the likes they gave me. No random likes are given out. I do not return follow or follow back. I follow the people that I will enjoy seeing in my friend feed. One of the first things I do every morning and evening is look at my Instagram. At no point would I enjoy looking at a feed that is clouded by images that I do not enjoy just because I maintain a follow back policy. I do care how many followers I have as well as how many likes I receive, it makes you feel good. In fact, one of my goals is to make it to the popular page. I want it to be because I shared a great piece of work and deserved it, not because of my social media marketing campaign that I put in place for that shot.

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