Did I just enjoy a Bed & Breakfast

Bruce House Inn Cumberland Maryland

Gabe’s friend announced that they were getting married in Cumberland, Maryland. It was never a question of whether or not Gabe was going to go but we were unsure if I would make it. Gabe planned that she would take her mother instead. Realizing that my work ethic has been tough on Gabe I felt that it would be a good gesture to set aside a couple days just for her and attempt to make this journey.

It is always a process when Gabe and I are trying to choose accommodations for a trip. We peruse reviews from several sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, Trip Advisor, and Kayak. Since Gabe is thirty going on 85 she suggested a Bed & Breakfast with good ratings near by. I immediately discarded her choice as my perception of a Bed & Breakfast is somewhere that old people go to sleep after a long day of antiquing… I’m not there yet.

I couldn’t find anywhere that fit my demands. If I am going to spend money to sleep somewhere I want it to be better than my house. I want the view, the pool, amazing furniture, amenities, and I expect to be swept off my feet. Not a lot of this in Cumberland. I managed to find a national chain hotel that offered an indoor pool. At least it had something. Gabe made the call and the reservation after careful negotiations. She texted her friend to let her know that we would be there as well as our selection of place to lay our head. Her friend replied that she mentioned to Gabe that this hotel was the only one she recommended to stay away from as they are known for having bed bugs.

Uh Oh, crunch time! If I was going on this trip as a small payback for everything Gabe does for me then why should I be picking the place. Why not go all out and do the Bed & Breakfast thing that girls somehow find incredibly romantic. Must be the lifetime movies.

Bed and Breakfast Coffee

We arrived late Friday night. Pam waited up and greeted us with a glass of wine and cheese plate. Our room was on the first floor and the most recently remodeled. Pam apologized that she had a previous guest that that stained the bathroom counter right after the room was finished although we could not see the spot she was talking about. The room was in great condition and appointed nicely.

Bruce House Inn Cumberland Maryland

Bruce House Inn Cumberland Maryland
The bathroom was clean and had great modern touches. I like her choices during the remodel. She could have picked standard chrome but decided to go with a bronze shower. The bath robes are nice touch. After getting settled in we walked downtown in hopes to find a choice of restaurants to grab a quick dinner and beer. Most of the places close early but we managed to find the local pizza joint that Pam mentioned may still be open.
Bruce House Inn Cumberland Maryland
I am used to a King size Tempurpedic mattress at home so this bed seemed firm to me but was a nice change of pace. The Bruce House Inn was quiet, we did not hear any other quests or televisions. We did not even hear Pam preparing breakfast the next morning. We woke around 8:00 and I headed outside for a smoke. I knew I had a few minutes to kill since we told Pam to plan on 8:30 for breakfast, my plan was to snag some coffee prior. We made it to the dining room 15 minutes early and Pam was ready for us. She let us know that she planned on making omelets but asked if we would like something else. I jumped at the omelet, especially after she said that her friend was in town who studied under Wolfgang Puck would be our chef. Gabe opted for the blueberry waffles. After we placed our order she told us that she would be down shortly with our first course. I got to admit that I was not prepared for a multiple course breakfast, I expected donuts or something similar. I had not even seen it yet and my impression of a Bed & Breakfast had changed. This foodie was pumped.


Our first course was fresh fruit and a fresh muffin. Both were excellent and extra care was teken in the display and plating of the meal. Our main course arrived perfectly timed after our first and was equally excellent. The local hickory smoked bacon had to be my favorite part.



The area around the Inn is quiet, although near downtown, and there is a strangely large amount of churches. Stepping outside the Inn and looking down you will see cobblestone streets, looking up you with see great views of the mountains.
Foggy Church
We went driving around Saturday prior to lunch. We ate at a local italian place that is famous for their cheesesteak subs. Didn’t make sense to me either. When we got back to the Inn the whole place smelled like cookies. Sure enough, in the foyer was some of the best fresh baked chocolate chip cookies I’d ever had. I really wish that I had a guest count so I could properly analyze my attack on these snacks… how many did I have to leave behind? Saturday night was the wedding and we used the Inn as the backdrop for a few photos.
The wedding was a good time and we lucked out on rain stopping long enough for the ceremony. We woke up around the same time Sunday and enjoyed Pam’s French Toast with a Rasberry sauce that I wish I had the recipe for. On our way out of Cumberland and back to Ohio we stopped by the falls. Pam said that there were two paths to choose from and that the better one was Muddy Creek. We took her advice, the trail to the left will take you there and it is only a 5 minute hike. You know you’re on the right path if you pass this tree that seems to have an appetite for rocks.
The Muddy Creek falls was huge and you can walk right out on top of it. Made for a great photo session.
There is also a train station in Cumberland that we stopped at prior to meeting the newlyweds for lunch at the Crabby Pig.
They ride home proved to be uneventful with the exception of this sunset.
The trip changed my perspective on Bed & Breakfasts all together. I will consider staying at one again in hopes that I have the same experience that I had at the Bruce House Inn.

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