Vigo Car & Credit talks Smartphone Integration and Apps for your Car

Smartphone-Car It is expected that by 2016 almost all cars will have smart phone integration from the factory. Integration meaning that your phone will connect to your car radio and give you access to the vehicles features and/or add features to it. Just because you do not have a brand new vehicle does not mean you are left out in the cold. Vigo Car & Credit will highlight the factory systems, the aftermarket solutions, and the smartphone apps that will make you aware of the features that you have available on your current car.

Factory Installed

Ford-SYNC-website-imatgeFord Sync:  Ford was the first to integrate advanced smartphone functionality in entry level price vehicles. Hands free calling, Voice Recognition, and Bluetooth. Use the Sync system to merge contacts and use Voice Recognition to speak the name of who you would like to call. Connect to Bluetooth and stream Pandora to your car speakers without wires.

ChevyMyLinkSiri05-mediumChevrolet MyLink:  Chevy has offered OnStar for years and now introduces MyLink as an option. Similar to Ford Sync wrapped in an ergonomic touch screen display. Pandora Radio is integrated right in.

Chrysler-300-Uconnect-SystemChrysler UConnect:  Chrysler’s UConnect matches Ford Sync and MyLink. Reviews state that UConnect is much faster than the competition. SRT models have access to vehicle performance stats as well.

entune-2011-01-09-600Toyota Entune:  Toyota’s Entune offers an app system that allows you access to movie tickets, dinner reservations, and local gas prices. Really the options are endless with what could be available in the future.

HondaLink-Headunit-660Honda Link:  HondaLink connects to cloud based servers and includes text messages. Rumors state that they will be integrating Siri into their systems for iPhone users. Imagine hitting a button and hearing Siri’s voice through your stereo.

You can find vehicles equipped with these systems at any of Vigo Car & Credit Buy Here Pay Here lots in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Muncie, and Kokomo. If you see a vehicle that you like that does not have smartphone integration here are some options to get many of the same features.

Apps for your Phone

dsm200Viper Smart Start: Start your vehicle via wifi or cellular data network no matter where you are. I personally have this on my Hummer and it is great for warming up the car in the morning or while inside a restaurant. You are also able to locate your vehicle on a map via your phone. This app requires the installations of a Viper system in your vehicle.

pandora-icon-512Pandora Radio: Create a custom radio station based on artists that you enjoy. You can thumbs up or thumbs down each individual song. Pandora remembers your selection and will continue to change its settings to what it thinks you will like. Your radio stations get better over time. This app will work with an app friendly dashboard radio, a usb port, or a aux wire to get free custom radio.

iheartradio-iconiHeart Radio: iHeartRadio offers free music in an all-in-one, free digital internet radio service that lets you stream more than 1,500 live radio stations from across the nation. Use iHeartRadio’s new Perfect For feature to find music for any mood or activity. This app will work with an app friendly dashboard radio, a usb port, or a aux wire to get free custom radio.

SiriusXM_iconSiriusXM Radio:  With the SiriusXM Internet Radio App, you can listen to what you want, when you want. In addition to live streaming they now allow you to listen On Demand to hundreds of shows including Howard Stern and much more. You can even store content allowing for offline listening anytime. Access requires a SiriusXM Internet Radio subscription which you can get for $7.99 a month as opposed to a subscription to your in dash unit that can be much more.

mzm.yegvktjg.175x175-75Orchestrated Home:  One of the coolest apps for home automation. I use this at my house to control all of my interior lights, garage door, theatre curtains, and outlets. It’s especially handy if you forget to unplug the curling iron and can turn it off from your phone 100 miles away. I used it to let contractors in my garage door to remodel my bathroom while I was hours away. You will need a insteon controller as well as accessories to use this feature. Smarthome is my source of choice for these.

rev_app_175Rev:  Rev is the premier app for auto enthusiasts. Rev monitors, records, and displays real-time data by interacting with your car’s onboard diagnostic system. It can also check and reset “Check Engine” lights, and trouble codes. This app requires an OBD to iPhone connector plug but after plugged in you can view performance stats including 0-60 times, Wheel Horsepower, Torque, Vehicle Speed, RPM, Fuel Consumption, Boost Pressure, Engine Coolant Temp, Fuel Pressure, Calculated Engine Load, Throttle Position, Intake Manifold Pressure, Air Intake Temp, Timing Advance, Mass Air Flow, Fuel Level, Barometric Pressure, EVAP System, Vapor Pressure, and Fuel Trim.

hi-512-7LogMeIn:  From your couch, on the train or in the air get anytime, anywhere access to your home and work computer. Remotely control it over WiFi/3G with the free LogMeIn app on your iPad or iPhone. It works with LogMeIn’s free software installed on as many computers as you like. You can remotely access your files, run your applications and control your desktops from anywhere. It seems every time I get in the car I remember that I left something on my computer at home or work. I use this to transfer files between the two while on the road.

imagesMyChevrolet:  Check your Chevy vehicles tire pressure, fuel levels, lock and unlock the doors, request roadside assistance, view your owners manual, and schedule service appointments all from your phone. You also have access to your OnStar account. Hopefully some day Chevy will add immediate OnStar support to the app like driving directions or advice.

mzl.hwgubrvx.175x175-75Carticipate:  Ok this app freaks me out but I can see how it could be valuable to people, even those who are not serial killers. The idea is to save money on gas while helping the environment by carticipating with friends, family, groups, or co-workers. Coordinate driving plans, carpool, or a ride share by indicating where you are going, when, and post your ride. They will match you to local carticipants going your way. Please be safe when using this.

igasup-appiGasUp:  Gain access to the world’s most accurate repository of U.S. retail gas and diesel prices for one year. Whenever you launch the iGasUp app, the 10 cheapest U.S. stations closest to your current location will appear with fuel prices displayed in lowest to highest price order. Finding cheap fuel has never been easier.

Trapster-icon-nobackTrapster:  As you drive, your mobile phone alerts you to speed traps, red light and speed cameras, accidents and other roadway hazards. You will join the world’s largest driving community with over 17 MILLION Trapster users. Drive with confidence knowing that other Trapster users have patrolled the road ahead of you. You will know it is free and clear of traps by the blue line that displays on your route. Also includes real time speedometer paired with the speed limit of the road you are driving on ensures you travel at a safe speed.

Complete In Dash Upgrade


You could choose to upgrade the radio that is in your dash currently for a unit like this Pioneer, which is the new 2013 model. It has all of the best features from all the factory units listed at the top of this post but it probably the most expensive option to integrate your phone to your car. Navigation, DVD watching, AppRadio features, and competition sound possibilities are what you gain with this option.

If you have any questions on how to use the apps listed above or for vehicle advice in general comment below or stop in to one of our Vigo Car & Credit locations near you. Who knows, you may decide to trade your vehicle in for a model that has these features installed already. Remember, Vigo is the New Era of Buy Here Pay Here. You can get a newer car with lower miles and a certified warranty no matter how bad your credit is.

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