Onward and Upward


Today is the day that I retire the Nikon D7000. It was completely spur of the moment and definitely unplanned. I was catching up on some of my “techie” blog posts and noticed a “door buster” announcement that the Nikon D600 was priced incorrectly on a major retailers website. Just to see if they had caught on yet I logged onto their website and added the 600 to my cart. So far so good. Then it let me complete my purchase for in store pick up. The entire rest of the day I was wondering if they would honor it and if I would actually get this Nikon that I thought would not have for a long time. Sure enough, I picked it up and brought it home. The 600 is now marked as “Product no longer available” on the website now. I am really excited to make the jump into full frame photography and look forward to the results. It was only fitting that my last image on the D7000 was of Rocco (since the first and almost all the ones in the middle were of him). After the D7000 was powered down until its next owner (check craigslist) starts its up, I recreated the last image as my first image on the D600. Using the same lens and sitting in the same spot. The top image above is the D7000 one and the bottom is the new D600. You can immediately tell the difference with the “distance” of the full frame. After close inspection there is a noticeable difference in sharpness. This is evident is Rocco’s drivers side front leg. Sharpness is again prevalent in the drivers side eye of the photo below. I can’t wait to take this out on a shoot as well as use the money from the D7000 to get some FX glass for it.

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