Rocco Swamp Dive

Rocco and I went location scouting Monday evening. I’m not sure if he thought the swamp was grass or if he just really wanted the frogs but he jumped in off the pond bridge at the nature center. He was smart and immediately started swimming to the closest edge. I hung over the bridge to reach for him but missed. The look on his face, with his droopy eye, as he was going under the bridge was like “Daddy!” Despite his short “paddles” he is actually a decent swimmer but has never gone any real distance. I had no idea if his leash would get caught on something or if there were snapping turtles etc. I jumped in after him and lifted him back onto the bridge (new respect for water polo players).

Luckily my camera was not around my neck and my gear bag was already on the ground. My iPhone did not fare as well. I just got a new phone and will be responding to everyone shortly.

Rocco is safe and fine although dissatisfied with our outdoor bath before we were allowed back in the house.

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