Tip #2- Photographing Pets with Any Camera or Phone (Background)


Tip #2- Photographing Pets with Any Camera or Phone (Background)

Be mindful of your background they can cause distractions from your primary subject. The first picture I used simple fabric as well as some props laying around the house to create a complimentary background as well as cover up any unattractive objects like light switches, furniture, etc.

The second image goes a little deeper and is not noticeable. The drawing behind Rocco shows only one eye and compliments the one eye that you can see of Rocco. Naturally I call this photo “The One Eye Love”.

The third image came about when I found Rocco’s viking hat on Etsy. We were driving past these church doors one day and felt that they matched the look of his hat, we had to stop.

Next time you are preparing to snap your next masterpiece look past your subject and make sure there are not any distractions. Furniture, clutter, trash cans, grills, signs, or a telephone pole in the background that looks like it is growing out of your subjects head.

Try this out and post your pics on my wall or just give up and hire www.PurrfectPawtrait.com for a full photo shoot! Please like and share these tips if you enjoy them and I’ll make sure I keep them coming.

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