Tip #3- Photographing Pets with Any Camera or Phone (Fill Frame)


Tip #3- Photographing Pets with Any Camera or Phone (Fill Frame)

This relates to yesterdays post regarding backgrounds. If you have a poor background and you can not “compose” (change your angle to remove distracting objects) to avoid it try filling the frame with your subject. The “frame” meaning what you see when looking through the camera. This will remove the background all together and make sure that your model is the primary focus.

I took several shots of the same scene as the second picture. All showed the love between Rocco and Gabe. This one has less activity, meaning you can’t see them hugging or the time they are spending together in the park because there is no background. This was the “winner” in my set because it makes you think more about it. All of those items are implied even though it just shows their eyes. It makes you wonder where they are at or what they are doing. You can tell that they are close because they are literally “close”. It still gives me the warm fuzzies every time I look at it.

Try filling the frame and post your pics on my wall or just give up and hire http://www.PurrfectPawtrait.com for a full photo shoot! Please like and share these tips if you enjoy them and I’ll make sure I keep them coming.

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