Tip #4- Photographing Pets with Any Camera or Phone (Composition)


Tip #4- Photographing Pets with Any Camera or Phone (Composition)

When you are looking through your camera and focused on your subject carefully make sure to keep what you want in the frame. Try not to cut off feet, paws, or hands.

In the first picture, when I look at it, I remember exactly how Rocco’s foot was stretched straight out and clinched at the knee. When someone else looks at the photo they don’t have that memory and therefore, the photo, is not as appealing to them. I caught my mistake after taking the first one and backed up some to make sure I got all of Rocco in the second picture. Unfortunately his leg was not in the same position. In subsequent photos I moved a little closer in order to fill the frame more of Rocco.

This doesn’t mean that you should never have a hand or foot in the frame or maybe just one hand and not the other. It just means try not to cut the hand off in an awkward way only showing part of it.

Try this out and post your pics on my wall or just give up and hire www.PurrfectPawtrait.com for a full photo shoot! Please like and share these tips if you enjoy them and I’ll make sure I keep them coming.

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