Tip #5- Photographing Pets with Any Camera or Phone (Props)


Tip #5- Photographing Pets with Any Camera or Phone (Props)

Props can be a great way to add interest into your image. Many of my files that include a prop receive the most praise. Remember not to get carried away and to keep the focus on your subject. We’ve all seen the cheesy uses of props in many senior portraits.

In the first image the focus is Rocco but he laying next to his favorite ball. Adding the ball as the prop helps tell a story. Look at how destroyed the ball is. What did Rocco do to it, How did Rocco get it, How long did it take Rocco to do that.

Mirrors can be a great addition to any photo shoot. Try focus on the reflection in the mirror as opposed to your subject.

Bubbles can be your best and worse enemy in a photo shoot. Save them for the end of the shoot and you might get some cool shots. If not, who cares, BUBBLES ARE FUN!

Try this out and post your successful pics on my wall or even senior portrait fails that I mentioned above. You can always just give up and hire Bryan Metzger Photo orwww.PurrfectPawtrait.com for a full photo shoot! Please like and share these tips if you enjoy them and I’ll make sure I keep them coming.

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