Tip #7- Photographing Pets with New DSLR Camera

Tip #7- Photographing Pets with New DSLR Camera

So you made the decision to jump into a DSLR Camera but have no idea where to start. We have all been there. A friend of mine photographed my car and I couldn’t believe the results. I actually bought his DSLR camera from him. He turned me on to FroKnowsPhoto.com to learn how to use it. I watched every video and continue to watch every video that Jared (Fro) and Adam Lerner put out. He donates so much of his time to amateur photographers it’s not funny.

You want to get out of the automatic mode on your camera and move to manual. This way you can decide how the end image will look instead of allowing the camera to decide for you. You also want to set your camera to shoot in raw. This will help you correct images that you may have made an error on within editing software after your shoot.

Here are the vids that I would start with:

1. Get to know your camera and read your manual

2. Understanding Manual Photography

3. Getting out of Auto Mode

4. Settings

5. Trail and Error Exposure Setting

6. Feeling the Image

7. Composition

8. Settings for Multiple Subjects

9. Freezing subjects that are moving

10. Flash

Try this out and post your pics on my wall or just give up and hire http://www.PurrfectPawtrait.com for a full photo shoot!

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